Friday, November 28, 2014

World Prematurity Awareness Day

World Prematurity Awareness Day was November 17th and we celebrated our preemie that day!  Cooper was born at 31w1d and has been such a fighter from day one.  He's been in therapy (pt, ot and st) pretty much since he was 6 months old (st for feeding therapy and speech therapy beginning at 2 since I'm sure some folks will wonder why a baby was in speech therapy, lol).  He didn't walk until he was 2.5 years old. He's battled Asthma and luckily it's pretty stable right now (KNOCK ON WOOD).  He has Autism, Apraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder.  He's had two surgeries, one to fix a hernia and another to close his PDA.  He's had several ER visits for his Asthma and one week long hospitalization (3 of those days in ICU) for RSV, bilateral Pneumonia and Asthma complications. So, you see, this kid is a fighter!  He's called SUPER Cooper for a reason!!

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