Saturday, November 7, 2009

A BIG day!

Cooper is now a 32 weeker and he had a really big day today! They took the nasal cannula off him today and he is breathing entirely all on his own! They're also removing his picc-line today which is a huge relief for me because thats two less wires on him when you count the nasal cannula being off.

He is opening his eyes more during our visits and its just so darn cute. Preemies can't see more than a foot in front of them so I try to get close to his face so that he can focus better. He responds really sweetly to my voice and my hubby's voice. All I have to do is lay my hand on top of his head and say his name a couple of times and he quiets right down. He hates his diaper being changed like any other baby and his cries are so tiny and whimpery that they almost make you laugh. That makes me sound like a bad mommy! His nurse today was super nice and pretty much let us hold him for as long as we wanted to as long as he was doing good. So, this morning I held him for about 2 hours and then passed him over to my hubby so that I could pump. And, this afternoon I held him for about an hour and a half and then passed him to my hubby because I guess I should share from time to time :)

Its still surreal that he is here and I can't put into words how much being his mommy means to me. I am so happy and he has done so much already to heal my heart. My hubby and I have talked with Cooper over the last week about his sister. I've whispered in his ear about how much she loves him and how she'll be watching over him. I'm just so totally in love with Cooper and he is just pure perfection!

Here is the proof that I do share with daddy :)

Cooper is now wearing his clothes because he is able to regulate his own body temperature now...

These pics were taken before the nasal cannual was removed...

I just can't keep my lips off that little forehead!

*I'm sorry that I haven't been reading and commenting on all of your blogs this week. Life is hectic but know that I'm thinking of all of you. I'll get better once life slows down...if there will ever be such a thing again!*


  1. I always look forward to your posts. So great to hear that you all are doing so well. I don't think any of us expect you to be reading. But, you are so sweet to think of us. Enjoy this precious time. Hugs!

  2. I am beyond happy for you. He is so precious.
    I am glad that God gave you this blessing.

  3. Oh Jen, isn't he such a little Blessing? Am I right by saying I see so much of Lily in him? Aww he is just beyond beautiful. Please also tell us how you are - I know you are on cloud zillion but we need to know how you are healing Honey. Take care of yourself! Lots of hugs :)

  4. Oh jen, I am just excited for you. Its totally ok that you are not reading and commenting. You have your hands full right now. You just had a baby and he is still in the hospital. You are spending every moment possible there. Thank you for thinking of us you are just too sweet! much love

  5. Jen, he is so sweet. I am so excited for you. Please don't worry about not reading everyone's blogs. You have alot going on and when you feel the time is right, you will visit us. For now focus on your family. *hugs*

  6. Those three things are absolutely wonderful! It's a little strange to read this; it sounds a lot like what I was typing four months ago. We were both so excited when we could dress him in regular clothes. Such a great feeling. And having that cannula off is fantastic; our little guy has sensitive skin so his nose bruised and his cheek flared up when they taped it to his face. Excellent steps!


  7. Congratulations! That is great that he is breathing on his own! I don't blame you...I couldn't keep my lips off of a cute little forehead lile that either! :)