Monday, November 16, 2009

The many faces of Cooper :)

"You don't say?"

"I need a nap."

"No, seriously, I need a nap."

"Just joking! I'm awake...."
The NICU is a time warp...its Friday then its Monday...
Breastfeeding is harder than I expected!!! Saturday and Sunday were marvelous and then today it was like neither one of us could get our act together. The nurses assure me that this is normal but I felt like a failure at the end of our breastfeeding session. He is now up to two feedings by mouth a day which is great because we can go home once he's up to 8 feedings by mouth a day.
He's now over his birth weight!!! He's a whole whopping 4 lbs. 4.1 oz!!!! You know he actually looks bigger to me now but I think it's really that I'm just getting used to the tininess...
ALL of the nurses just love him because he never cries and he is just the sweetest thing! He really only cries if he has blood drawn or is hungry...typical things but other than that he just looks at you with those beautiful eyes.
I'm just totally and madly in love...


  1. He is easy to love. I look forward to your updates. :)

  2. Sweet... super cute! :) Hugs to you

  3. He's so expressive! It's amazing and wonderful!

  4. The looks he gives you are just amazing. I am in awe just looking at them. *hugs*

  5. I love it!!!! Priceless! I am so happy he is doing well.

  6. I'm sorry you had a hard time feeding him. I had a pretty hard time the first couple of weeks, but it was really important to me so I stuck with it and now I am SO glad I'm breastfeeding! Plus, I've been sick 4 times in the past couple of months (which is REALLY weird for me) and she's never gotten it at all. If she were formula fed I'd have to get somebody else to care for her when I'm sick, but since I'm BF it's more important than ever for me to feed her. (Although help would be nice when you're feeling puny.) If you have trouble, seek help from a lactation consultant. Also, I'm still going to a breastfeeding support group because those ladies are wonderful. We help each other with other issues too, like sleep and just adjusting to life as a mom. I highly recommend finding something like that after Cooper's out of the hospital!

    Oh, and of course the pictures are super cute, but you already knew that! ;)