Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 months!

Dear Coopie,

You have become quite the character as of late! You like to do acrobatics while I'm trying to change your diaper which has left mommy's hands with poo on them more times than I care to think about! You have 3 teeth now and are working on 2 more! You had your first teething biscuit and some puffs today! I may have to watch how many puffs you partake in though as you are 21+ pounds now...just joking! You love sleeping on your side like a grown person now...and, I don't even know why I have the video monitor anymore because you always end up at the bottom of the crib every night!

Your shirt says "mommy's best friend" and I hope that one day when you're older and able to say for yourself that you really will say I am your best friend...

I love you forever,


  1. Cooper, you wear 10 months SO well!!! That expression is just priceless!

  2. The side sleeping is so cute but I wish she would give that side of her head a's getting a little flat. :) And the little lamb is so cute too!

  3. Geez, 10 months already!? Happy Birthday Cooper :)

  4. time flies!! :) Happy 10 months Coop!!