Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Homemade baby food

I had a revelation two weekends ago in relation to Cooper's baby food...we've been having problems with constipation and other times, I couldn't get him to stop going, like literally, he would go 8 times a exagerations! We've also had a battle with a diaper rash around his little bum hole (sorry, TMI!) which is caused by too high of a ph balance. I talked with his ped at his 9 month wellness check about all of this and asked if she thought that making his baby food would help...she said no and that there wasn't a difference...

I took this answer and ran with it, plus who has time to make babyfood when you're doing physical therapy, MOPS, Mom's club and nap schedules, etc? Then, I said to myself "well, how many times do you get on facebook or your blog everyday?" Yeah, I have time...

We went to the farmer's market and loaded up on fresh veggies and fruits. My MIL bought us a cool food processor and I got to work! So far, we've made squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, spinach, pears, peaches, and chicken. He LOVES his yummy, homemade food and eats every morsel!

Also, all of his intestinal problems are solved! He hasn't had a rash since going to the homemade baby food which is a huge relief for me! I know that diaper rashes aren't a sign of neglect and almost every baby will have one but I just felt like CRAP when he would have one! He's much happier, too! His fourth tooth has come in so it won't be much longer until he's eating food off my plate :)

The fruits of our labors! Cooper now has his very own shelf in the freezer!


  1. Very nice! We've been making Ruby's baby food too. I still use Gerber Organic fruits and veggies when we are in a rush or run out of something.

    What did you do to pop the food out of the ice cubes? I have always used the individual containers from Babies R US.

  2. I just used regular ice trays :)

  3. Jen, that is so exciting. I plan on making Clover's food homemade when the time comes :)

  4. Everything looks so beautiful! Aren is really looking forward to making food for Nora (I am too, of course).

  5. That looks great, Jen! I've never done the homemade baby food but hope to this time around for Ben.