Saturday, September 4, 2010

MRI Update

Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from Cooper's neurologist yesterday afternoon with the MRI results! Now, that is service!

He first called and left a message on my cell (I'm notorious for not having it handy because it's normally in the bottom of my diaper bag!) and the voicemail message ended while he was talking! I tried to call him back (literally, within 5 minutes after he left the message) and the office was closed. An hour later the house phone rang and I answered in a sexy voice thinking it was my husband to say he was on his way home and to my shock and embarrasment it was the neurologist!

The MRI shows that there is nothing wrong structurally with Cooper's brain but he does have extra axial fluid around his brain. So, the plan is to have his head measured every month to see if the fluid is increasing. He did say that the fluid does normally reabsorb into the brain between 12-15 months but that if it doesn't than we will have to discuss a shunt at that point. I can't even allow myself to think in that direction so I'm staying on the side of positivity and that this fluid issue will resolve on it's own.

So, we're getting some answers as to why Cooper is having some developmental delays which is better than where we were when I woke up yesterday!


  1. praying that this resolves on its own *hugs*

  2. That is good news, it nice to have a reason why for things, otherwise it will just drive you crazy. Hopefully it does resolve on it's own! Try to stay positive, I know positive thinking is helping me!
    xx, Linda

  3. Hi Jen. I'm a lurker and I just wanted to chime in this time...I teach 3rd grade and I have a student that has a shunt for the same reason. Other than not being able to stand next to a strong magnet he's perfectly normal and developmentally appropriate and a great, active kid. I, of course, will add to my prayers that this never has to happen to Cooper and that it resolves on its own...I just wanted to try to take some of the "scary" out of the shunt possibility. Sending love and good thoughts!!

    -Ingrid from Ohio

  4. Thinking of you and Cooper, Jen, and praying. I'm glad this MRI went better and you are getting some answers, but pray that this issue will resolve itself in the next couple of months.