Friday, September 10, 2010

Rookie mistake!

I went (and still do at times) crazy with baby clothes for Cooper. I would change him into a new outfit every time he spit-up on it, even if we weren't leaving the house, in the early, the outfit change criteria is that there must be poop or pee on it because that's how mommy rolls now :) Although, he's pretty immaculate when we leave the house so the poop/pee rule doesn't apply then!
We're having our annual yard sale tomorrow and I've been organizing Cooper's old clothes by size and you know, I got a little teary eyed...geez, they really do grow-up fast, don't they :( I still have to get the 9 month clothes out of his closet and the 9 month sleepers out of his dresser drawers so these pictures aren't even a true picture of my craziness!
This yardsale has been strategically scheduled for this weekend because I need to finance Cooper's first birthday party...Oy vey! I just don't know how to do anything on a small scale!


  1. Yeah uh, I'm not good at small scale either. That is what my beginning stash looks like for our rainbow only through 3-6 mos...ooops. I've had to tell myself to stop buying clothes, she's gonna need more than clothes! But hey you give me a good idea, I can re-sell for her first birthday. And I love your home made food post as well...I'll probably be trying that myself as well.

  2. Wow!!!
    Hope you made some cash for Cooper's party!