Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday party fun!

One of Cooper's buddies had his first birthday party last weekend and Cooper had a lot of fun! One of the cool things about this party was the train that was set up for the kids to play and ride on! I've never seen a train for kids as cool as this one because it actually has a pedal to make the train go around the tracks...I wish I had one of these trains when I was a kid!

Cooper having a blast on the train :)

Cooper telling me about the cool train ride...

Cooper playing on the rocking horse...

Would you just look at that cute little face!?!

Sometimes, I like to make an appearance on his blog, too ;)


  1. Oh, those eyes! He is so so cute!

    ...and now I want one of those trains for my boys!

  2. His face is just so adorable and full of character!

  3. He looks so old in the next too last pic!! They grow so fast!!

  4. He is looking more and more like a little boy - so cute!