Monday, January 24, 2011

The braces and the stander~

I mentioned many posts back about Cooper getting braces for his legs. They're called solid ankle foot orthodics and they go from his ankels to just below his knees. He's not a huge fan but I know that he's getting better when he points his legs and tries to push them into the braces on his own. He's awesome and such a trooper!

His PT also recommended that we get a prone wooden stander for our house so that he can do standing exercises in it. I have a toddler who isn't able to pull himself or hold himself, guess who does 90% of these standing exercises at this point? Yep, mommy! I'm going to have some killer arm muscles though! The stander will give him the opportunity to feel weight on his legs and to get his legs stronger.

My prayer is that between his braces and the stander that he'll start using his legs for their intended purposes. I keep telling him that they're used for more than just kicking my tatas around during diaper changes ;)

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