Monday, January 31, 2011

Daddy the barber!

We typically go to a local salon that caters to children to get Cooper's hairbut but there are times that I am brave enough to let my hubby do it. He's good with the shavers but my heart always drops when I see Cooper's hair start to fall off. Cooper always looks good afterwards and hey, it's nice to save the $16.95 that we would've paid at the salon!

He's not a huge fan of haircuts in general so my job during the haircut is to distract Cooper with toys and songs. It mostly works but we're all tired by the end of the haircut! There are only so many times that you can sing "the wheels on the bus" and "BINGO," ya know?

I was joking with Cooper about how the ladies don't like hairy backs :) Well, I know that I don't anyways!

This look is like "why did you let this happen to me?"


  1. Ugh. I HATE cutting hair! But, I do it anyway. I save $100 a month by doing it. I did haircuts on Saturday and it felt like I was doing it for HOURS!! I only did six haircuts, but still... Oh well. The end result sure is nice!

    He sure looks handsome!

  2. Lol...hairy backs aren't the best...i really laughed out loud - thank you! Ruby still hasn't had a trim...I hope I don't fall into the baby mullet trap!