Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cooper IN the stander!

I finally have pics to share of Cooper in his stander. The stander is kept in our basement and we live in a 3 story townhouse so if I forget the camera then we're just out of luck for pics! BUT, today I remembered to bring it down with me! High five for mommy!

Cooper rarely watches tv so I bribed him with Curious George! He was captivated and never whined while in the stander. We're going to be doing this everyday and we're starting out with a 15 minute interval. Cooper isn't used to standing on his legs so 15 minutes is a lot for him!

Awesome news, the other day at therapy he stood for about a minute with very little assistance. He even was holding himself up on a table! I've never seen him do that so what is a mommy to do but CRY! I was so happy and proud! His PT put some special bands around his knees to keep them straight and it really, of course, I will be purchasing some of those special bands to use around the house!

I stuck that ABC wheel toy in the bowl for kicks but he was really more interested in....

...Curious George!

Back view (obviously)

Side view

And, looking right past me so he could continue watching cartoons!


  1. Go Cooper! That must have been a good show!

  2. Super Cooper, you light up the day for so many!! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. That actually even looks comfortable! I love him!

    I also love the owl blog!

  4. He's so cute. He looks like he's enjoying it. :)

  5. I love the stander. I know that it will definitely help build his leg muscles up.

    And who doesn't love that silly George!!!!!