Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another true story...

The back story: Cooper promptly removes his shoes and socks during any drive so I'm always putting them back on when we reach our destination. Really, I should just wait to put shoes and socks on him but truly, I'm worried that I'll leave the house without them if they're not physically on his body. I swear, motherhood has made my brain work slower!

So, it rained terribly all day yesterday in Georgia. I'm talking about bend your umbrella in half rain, people! But, I wanted to take Cooper to storytime at the library before meeting up with some mommy friends for lunch. We get to the library and I run to the backseat and shut the door to keep the rain from soaking both of us so that I can put his shoes and socks back on. Then, it occurs to me that the child-lock is on. Yes, people I had locked myself in the back of the car! As you can tell from the picture that Cooper is still rear-facing and in the middle so I had to crawl over his carseat to get to the other side and thank the good Lord that door was unlocked! Listen, I am almost 33 and out of shape so I was dreading how I was going to crawl to the front if the other door was locked, too! On top of all this, I get ready to get Cooper out of the car and my umbrella is jerked out of my hands by the freaking wind so I'm running throught the library parking lot in the pouring rain with my poor child sitting in the car. It was quite the adventure! Luckily, I didn't cuss not once...well, in front of Cooper anyway!

I think everyone else was busy getting their kids into the library so I'm hoping my audience to this spectacular show was very small...

Only me! Or, you could all make me feel better and tell me about some of your crazy mommy moments!


  1. Oh! I love it!

    When I had my #3, I was worried about how I was going to handle more kids than I had hands. My oldest was only 4, and on my first day alone with all 3 of them, I was nervous.

    When I put my kids in the car to pick my oldest up from preschool, I noticed it was raining. I threw a blanket over the infant car seat and we ran out to the car. I started to drive off when I thought, "Huh. The car seat was light. A bit too light..."

    I pulled over and yanked the blanket off the car seat. No baby. All that was in there was my 2 year old's stuffed animal!

    Oops! Thankfully I hadn't gone very far, but I still won't be earning any "Mother of the Year" awards anytime soon! :)

  2. haha. that's a good story. and, something i would totally do, as well. :)

  3. OMG Jen! This was hilarious!!! I like the part about not cussing...I really need to work on that. That is funny that Cooper always takes his shoes and socks off. I don't think Ruby has ever taken her shoes off (granted she's only been wearing them for a few months now) and she has probably only pulled her socks off once, maybe twice. Thanks for the laugh :)

  4. Jill at babyrabies did the same thing a few weeks ago, only she couldn't get over the seat and had to wait for a passer-by to let her out. Gives me one more reason I'm glad we don't have a car :)