Friday, March 11, 2011

Cooper and his new wheels

We bought Cooper a Smartrike last Friday and wouldn't you know that the weather sucked for several days in a row? I was super excited to see some sunshine today so Cooper rode on his new tricycle!

His legs are long enough (or strong enough) to reach the pedals so we used the leg plate for the front~ It has an umbrella which is blocking the handle that is used for pushing the tricycle.
Cooper scoping things out...

I just thought it was cute how he's holding onto the handlebars :)

This would be Cooper's serious face...he's not a toddler to be messed around with ;)

The weather is supposed to 70 degrees tomorrow so we're going to our favorite park for a picnic and a bike ride! Yay!


  1. Love his new wheels! So cute with his serious face in that last picture! And cute hat too! Enjoy the warm weather this weekend :)

  2. That looks like fun!!! I keep forgetting that they are ready for things like this. Ruby needs something besides the stroller to go out in I guess. Although she's been sick and it was only in the 40s today. :(

  3. You have so many cute pictures!

  4. Love Coop's shirt!! Him and Josh wear alot of the same clothes LOL. I think Joshua is flying to GA in the middle of the night to raid Coop's closet LOL. He looks so cute on the tricycle.