Friday, March 18, 2011

More St. Patty's day fun!

We went to a local St. Patrick's day festival and we had a blast!
I've never had a caricature done of myself and I'm 33 (next Saturday, yikes!) but Cooper has one and he's only 16 months! It was so much fun watching this picture come out and I think it fits Cooper perfectly!

Cooper and the green fountain!

Both of us and the green fountain!

I just thought this one was funny :)

We're just hanging out! The weather was so pretty yesterday!

Both of us in our green!

I hope everyone had a lot of fun yesterday! I bumped into a MOPS friend yesterday at the festival and we joked about how different St. Patrick's day is when you have kids! But, I had just as much fun, well, maybe even more :)

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  1. Looks like fun! Glad to know it was kid friendly. Next year should be more manageable with two (or so I tell myself!) and maybe we can join in :) Although....I saw a stroller in one of your pics, guess that weren't too strict on that rule!