Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy anniversary to mommy and daddy :)

Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary and we had a mostly fun day. It started out with taking Cooper to a wellness check-up (which included the MMR shot, so this was the unfun part) but then we went to lunch and got some cupcakes for us to enjoy at home.

My hubby was sneaky and told me that he was expecting a package that I would need to sigh for...he knows that Cooper and I like to roam the streets so he wanted to make sure that we were home when these beautiful flowers arrived! My hubby insists that Cooper had told him all week to send me flowers :)

These divine little darlings are from Gigi's cupcakes! They were delicious!
Cooper with us anniversary treat :) A banana cream cupcake!

He loved the vanilla cookie and the banana pudding that was inside the cupcake!

Needless to say, there is a huge mess when a toddler feeds himself a cupcake! In the end, I just picked him up and rinsed him off at the kitchen sink :)

I am a blessed wife and mommy!


  1. congrats on 5 years!! looks like a fun day :) Brannon & Mackenzie LOVE Gigi's cupcakes!!!

  2. congrats! our 6th is on the 11th! those cupcakes look so delish... I am so jealous of Cooper's banana one!

  3. Happy anniversary! Those cupcakes look so good!!

    {By the way, Asher is totally still wearing his Christmas PJs. He'll wear them until they don't fit! ha!}

  4. Happy Anniversary! ( sorry I'm late telling you)

  5. You know I love the visuals on the cupcakes. My sister says, Gigi's are the best! Love seeing Coop demolish the cupcake. Looking forward to watching Nora do that. Time flies so quickly. Can't believe he's 16 months. Happy Anniversary!

  6. love watching the pics of Coop eating the cupcake. Happy Anniversary :)