Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cooper's 16 months stats...

Last Friday, we took Cooper for a wellness check. Homeboy is now 16 months old! Anyone else shocked at how fast time flies when you have a baby? Time felt like it was moving backwards when I was pregnant (or, at least it did for me but maybe a traumatic previous pregnancy and the threat of death with this one will do that to you...) but time has flown since he's miraculous appearance 16 months ago!

At 16 months:

Weight: 23.6 lbs (27%)
Height: 33 inches ( 87%)
Head circumference: 19.5 (94%)

His ped did say that he's about 6 months behind in his physical developement but that's to be expected with his hypotonia. She's predicting that he won't start walking until 2 but I'm not worried! My Father has Cooper in His hands so he'll walk when he's going to walk. Period. He's doing great with his crawling these days and he is standing more, too!

Cooper before we left for church on Sunday. I have to brag for a moment on his outfit because EVERYTHING that he's wearing came from an consignment sale. The whole outfit, including his shoes, cost me $10! Yay!

Cooper trying to eat a fake tomato :)


  1. Mmmm...I love fake tomatoes! I love the outfit, and the price makes it that much cuter!

  2. Time is flying by! Nice deal on the cute outfit.