Monday, May 23, 2011

As it turns out, I don't miss facebook but I MUST blog! I haven't missed facebook at all but I kept thinking "oh, this is going to be a good blog post" every time I took a pic this weekend! So, no blog vacation for me...just too many things to drop cold turkey, I guess :)

So, the weather has been in the 90's here in Georgia so the pool has just been a godsend! We start swim lessons on June 20th so the pool should become even more fun!


  1. I just can't get enough of his eyes.

    SO glad you are still here!

  2. Yay! Glad you're not going to stop blogging!

    It's in the 90s here all week too and I wish we had a pool in our neighborhood. Might be time to blow up the kiddie pool again...

  3. Oh! I sure missed you! ;) I'm glad you're sticking around! :)

    I am totally jealous of your warm weather. It snowed here this weekend. Meh.

  4. Yipee!!! Nora has that little swim float, too.:)

  5. Glad you're back!! It made me smile to get your Banana Bread comment but now I am nervous it won't be as good as you hope!

    Cooper looks like he is having fun. I can't wait to get Rue in the pool either. I actually was looking for an outdoor pool here recently that does swim lessons. Let us know how Cooper's lessons go!

    I am sooo jealous of your weather too! We're lucky right now if we get shorts weather mid-day on the weekends. Today it was rainy and 59!