Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mommy's crazy little man...

Cooper is quite the daredevil these days. You walk a thin line as a mommy, especially when your child is special needs, between wanting them to explore their environment and keeping them safe as possible. Oh, my sweet Cooper, such an adventrous spirit but his legs just can't keep up with him. I feel like there is a new bruise everyday and all I say is "be careful" all day!

I like his strong willed spirit (and, have zero intentions of trying to change it) so I've been taking him to a local bounce house so that he can work out some of this extra energy! The added plus is that he's less likely to give himself a concussion in this place...

Yeah, he just throws himself over everything and anything these days, lol...boys will be boys!

Trying to escape the toddler area...

Concussion proof :)


  1. That looks like fun! So funny you mention saying "be careful" because I say it ALL the time to Ruby and I was wondering if saying it to our boy will be meaningless because of their adventurous spirits!

  2. Bruises happen. What I hate is when The Girl trips and screams "Daddy hurt me" even when I'm not around. I mean, I can be at work, she'll be at school, and she'll trip and say it was my fault. One of these days she's going to say it and DFACS is going to come after me.