Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quarters are my favorite currency...

I'm about to show my age but I started driving and dating BEFORE cellphones were a common item that everyone owned. My mom always told me to make sure that I had quarters in my wallet so that I could call from a payphone...Now, as a mom (and, feeling very old at the moment!) having quarters in my wallet means an entirely different thing all together...

Now, quarters are popped into these sidewalk rides for little ones. I thought it would be funny to take a pic of Cooper in all the little rides that he got to enjoy in the span of one afternoon.

Coop and everyone's favorite big red dog, Clifford

Big scary monkey...Cooper was a little wary and rightfully so...
We're still learning to pay attention when we're driving, lol...

Cooper in the bat mobile which was his favorite of the day!

It's these small occurences that make being a mommy so much fun! I'm going to quarter myself to death but it's worth, I think :)


  1. I'm wary of that monkey!

  2. Hooray for quarters! That's exactly why I pack them around, too!