Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Sometimes I feel bad for Cooper that he just can't be a 2 year old that's only expected to play. I would put money on the fact that he's one of the busiest 2 year olds on the planet!

Take yesterday for example, we woke up and left the house by 8 am so we could drive in Atlanta traffic to get to physical therapy by 9 which was then followed by occupational therapy at 10. We discussed in PT about him being seen once a week now (versus every other week) since he's making some great progress lately and they want to capitalize on all his new skills. This is great news for him although I'm sure he wouldn't and won't see it that way! (Oh, and we do speech therapy twice a week!) I joked on fb yesterday about you know you're somewhere too much when you have a favorite row AND spot in the parking deck. Thank God for the $5 parking pass that pays for 5 exits...

So, then we had lunch in the hospital cafeteria because he had his Syna.gis appointment at 1:30 so I wasn't about to drive all the way home for 2 hours. I decided to drive us to Toys-r-us to pick up play food and cookware (another blog post for another time) but he fell asleep on the way there (his pt is no joke and she wears him out!) so I pulled into a parking lot and sat there for an hour. Luckily, I had my iPhone and Nook so the hour moved fast. I took him for his Synagis shot which sucked. He gets a shot in each leg and unlike a baby that forgets the shot in 30 seconds, he's 2 and is pissed for a while.

Ugh. I seriously wonder what "regular" stay at home moms do with their time. We've been going like this since he was 6 months old. We don't have a lot of time for activities that are just fo fun which makes me sad. I don't get the chance to take him to toddler storytime at the library or any of the things that I envisisoned us doing together when I was pregnant with him. Life certainly throws you curve balls and you have 2 options, learn how to catch them (which I'm trying to do) or move out of the way so the ball doesn't hit you and knock you out.

The reason why I always attempt to stay positive is that he's awesome. Every thing about him, even his wicked teeth, and I love seeing his smile when he's learning something new. His PT said yesterday that she notices that he always looks back to make sure that I'm watching when he's doing something new or conquering it. I hope he always knows that I'll be right there every.step.of.the.way.

I took this pic last week while he was doing his standing exercises. I got these Vday decals from the $1 bin at Target...again, love them!

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  1. You're certainly busier than I am with my two-year-old. But I think you're doing a great job, and Cooper always looks happy. Isn't that the point, to give them a great, happy life full of love?