Monday, January 30, 2012

Tall and lean!

I took this pic on Friday when we were in a bit of a clothing strike, lol...He's getting so tall! My hubby is on the taller side (6'1") so I guess he's going to take after his daddy!

But, seriously, I think this kid is going to be a swimmer with lats like those!


  1. The Boy does this. Way too often, if you ask me.

  2. Luke is (on paper!) long and lean too...he doesn't look it, like Cooper does, but he's like 20% for weight and 60th for length. Ha ha.

    And um, YEAH! Obvious that boy is working out!!!

  3. Yep - he COULD be a swimmer for sure! Tall, handsome, love it! Oh - and I also love the clothing strike - too funny!