Friday, January 13, 2012


As in the observation room at Cooper's therapy which I used yesterday for the first time! It's this room with a television and you watch your child while he's doing his therapy. Cooper has been in therapy since he was 6 months old so 20 months and I've always been in the room with him! His speech therapist has a student with her now that is going to be with her for several months so 3 women with a toddler in a little room was a little much so they asked if I would like to observe the session...

He did awesome! I even heard his speech therapist say "who is this kid today!?!" The coolest thing was they were working on a puzzle and when he was done he exclaims "I did it!" and throws his hands up in the air! I have to admit it brought tears to my eyes!

The crappy thing about Apraxia, is that it's very difficult for him to say things on command so when "I did it!" will come out of his mouth again and it perfect context is unclear. This week he has said duck, cow and baaa without blinking an eye! He watches your mouth when you talk and you can see that he's trying so hard!

But, Cooper is a fighter. I mean not to sound vulgar but he's making hypotonia his bitch and I know he'll do the same with just takes time...

Here is a pic from last weekend...I spend a small fortune in this machines!

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