Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here are two more educational crafts that I did the last few days. The things needed to do these projects are normally things that you have around the house so it takes nearly no time to do or you can use naptime like I do :) I love to give credit where credit is due so you can click on the pic description and it will take you to the original blog!

I bought a pack of 100 popsicle sticks at Hobby Lobby (which I go a few times a month anyways!) for like $2 and I chose the pics off of clipart. I have a hotglue gun so these bad boys were done in like 10 minutes!

Color Matching

First, excuse the messy craft table! This is the one mommy area of the house and I try to spend as much time as I can here!

We have tons of construction paper, I had left over popsicle sticks from above activity, I have every paint color in the rainbow, hotglue gun and toilet paper rolls!

Easy Peasy!


  1. Good ideas! I love the sticks and I think I would have overlooked the clipart idea. P.S. We did the glow-in-the-dark sticks in the tub! She loved them!

  2. How fun!
    ...are you on Pinterest?

  3. Love these ideas! Thanks for telling us about the $1 glow sticks at Target. I got some for Asher's bath and he loved it. He loved it so much , in fact, that I went back for 5 more packs! I know they won't have them forever and we don't want to run out. Ha ha!

  4. Cute. I keep telling myself I need to figure Pinterest out. THis is why!