Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cooper's first haircut!

Cooper came into the world with a head full of hair and you should've seen this 4 pound baby with the beautiful red hair! Actually, I think my first words when I met him 12 (!) hours after he was born were "wow, look at his hair!" When I was able to hold him when he was 2 days old the first thing my hands went to was his hair to run my fingers through it!

So, his hair is still thick and beautiful but was becoming a bit shaggy (I'm oldfashioned in that I believe little boy's hair should be short) so today was the day. I've been joking about how he has so much of it that I have to comb it over to the side to keep it out of his eyes and he's starting to look like Donald Trump!

We went to a place called Pigtails and Crewcuts and it was perfect! The kids sit in chairs that are planes, firetrucks and policecars. Poor Cooper can't sit up yet (stupid Hypotonia) so mommy brought his Bumpo and he was sitting so cute with his little cape on! He kinda just hung out looking at us like "what's going on?" the entire time! They have a "first haircut package" so they put his first locks into a little envelope and took his picture which will all go into his babybook.

He looks like a little boy with his haircut! No more hair over his ears and no more scraggily ends on his neck! I should've had it done weeks ago but really, I just wasn't emotionally "there" yet!


  1. He looks really cute! I'm glad it went well. Thank you for your reply, we will be in this journey of hypotonia together. My daughter didn't have hypotonia but didn't sit up until she was 8 months old. By the way, love you profile song.

  2. The first haircut is hard because I remember thinking my boys look so big after getting it. Cooper looks so adorable in this pictures!

  3. I love that one where the lady is spraying water at his hair!! He sort of looks like, "Ummm...what have I allowed myself into?!"

    So darned cute!!!!

  4. Great haircut!

    Haha....Asher was totally becoming Donald Trump too, so he needed a trim.

    I love Cooper's new 'do!