Friday, August 13, 2010

MRI nightmare!

The alarm clock started going off at 5 AM this morning so that I could feed Cooper because he wasn't allowed any food after 6 AM. We arrive at the hospital at 10:35 to register Cooper for his MRI and then wait patiently in the lobby. Our nurse is nice and funny. We change Cooper into his gown and watch a video about contrast dyes. Then the IV drama begins...

Cooper begins meltdown phase as soon as the cold spray hits his hand. IV doesn't take and he's beyond pissed. IV nurse (with obnoxious baby voice) calls in the nice and funny nurse to hold down Cooper's leg to do an IV. Meltdown number 2 is in full swing. IV doesn't take AGAIN. IV nurse laments about how tiny Cooper's veins are (funny, the nicu nurses NEVER had a problem) and orders the ultrasound team to come down so they can find a vein. Alas, IV nurse says "well, they could be down here in 10 mins, 30 mins or an hour..." Now, he's gone almost 8 hours without food! Who likes to hang out with a hungry baby because I sure as hell don't! 45 minutes passes and a new nurse is on duty and tells us that u/s machine will be another 45 minutes! Now, we're going on 9 hours without food. New nurse suggests a sedative that they can insert in his rectum but that there is a possibility that he could wake up during the MRI. I promptly tell her that if he does wake up during the MRI that someone will be punched by me. In the end, we decided to reschedule the MRI. He had been poked twice and had two major meltdowns and was now looking at 9+ hours without food.

I'm pissed. Really? A children's hospital can't put an IV in my baby's arms because the veins are too small? Aren't baby's veins supposed to be small? He had two major meltdowns which resulted in petechiae (which is when the capillaries below the skin burst due to straining) all over his body.

The highlight of all of this...he said "dada" on the way home! Wish it were "mama" but whatever!

*Edited to correct the spelling of petechiae :)


  1. Ohhhh...poor boy!!! Poor mama...I've been waiting to see how it went and I hate that THIS is what that poor boy suffered! I hope that they make notes about this so that when he has to do the reschedule, they are prepared!!!!!

    I'm so sorry!

  2. Wow, drama.... so sorry for little Cooper and his Mommy! Not fun at all. Yay for his first word.

    PS. it's always DaDa first, only b/c it's easier to say! haha

  3. geez....some people just have no bedside manner. I am so sorry you had to go through that.

  4. I am sorry it was such a rough day for both you guys. Maybe next time ask them to get the nurses from the NICU to come down and do his IV. Congrats on the first word! That is exciting!

  5. Ugh - so sorry, you must have been just drained after that. Poor little guy, Hopefully next time it will be easier.

  6. Poor Jen and Cooper! Sorry you guys had to go through that! I can't believe they would do that to the little guy! It has to go better next time!

  7. (angry face) at this hospital...they make him cry and that pisses me off!! i agree how does a childrens hospital NOT know how to put an IV in...there are many places they could have put it in im sure...

    Cooper said dada?? That is so sweet!!!! Yeah im with you wanting it to have been mama (blushing) lol....but the fact that he said it, awww he wanted some cute!!!

    i hope the next time around is better for him