Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cooper trying to catch the flying balls!

I bought this Fis.her Pri.ce toy for Cooper during one of Kohl's midnight owl sales for $13.00! But, it's so cool that I probably would've paid full price for it! Really, Cooper is more interested in trying to catch the balls in the process of being shot it the air versus going after them while they roll across the living room floor. Obviously, that falls under my mommy duties! Anyways, he enjoys it and it's exercise for me!

He loves this toy so much that I have to put it where he can't reach it! I still can't find that gosh darn purple ball! Anyone want to come over for a search and rescue party? ;)

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  1. I haven't been by in a while (and am under a different account than before), but this post popped up on my Google Reader. This video made me reevaluate my day. He just looks to be doing so amazingly.