Sunday, February 20, 2011

Now it just seems like I'm bragging...

But, another glorious day in Georgia yesterday! We met my sister and her three girls in a park in Athens for lunch and a stroll around their natural walk. This park is awesome because it's totally free! You don't have to pay $3 for parking and their little zoo is free, too! Our favorite part was seeing the bald eagles...

Cooper eating a chocolate chip cookie :)

There are these painted bulldogs all over Athens...

Cooper swinging and wanting the camera!

Mommy and Cooper

My favorite menfolk!


  1. I love his little cookie covered face!! Enjoy the great weather and time with you family! :o)

    (we're in FL right now and the weather is awesome here too - loving it!)

  2. He seriously has the most expressive eyes! They just kill me every time!

  3. South GA has been gorgeous too! I've been trying to let Madalyn enjoy the sunshine and get some vitamin D. I'm having fun catching up on Cooper- I can't believe how much he's grown!!