Friday, January 24, 2014

2014, so far, is grand!

Believe me when I say that I'm fighting the urge to knock on wood to keep the other shoe from dropping, lol.  Yesterday, we received awesome news at the cardiologists office that Cooper's heart murmur is closed and that the blood flow across his heart is now completely normal.  They even let me listen to his heartbeat via the echo machine and it was a beautiful sound!  I can't tell you the relief to take his heart murmur off my worry list!  We go back in a year for a check-up to see how the stent is holding up but otherwise, they've given him a clean bill of health!

I've done a lot of thinking since we've found out that the heart murmur had grown and was causing his heart to enlarge, the surgery to repair it and the time between surgery to follow-up.  I do a lot of thinking, ok, I over-think a lot of stuff, but that's a different post!  The days leading up to the surgery were just absolute torture. Yes, I prayed and said all the "God has this under control" business.  I think I was mostly messed up because this was his heart (I wasn't nearly a mess with his hernia surgery in March) because I've been dealt heartbreaking news once before with one of my children.  The heart is just the most precious organ.  You cannot live without it.  There hasn't been a day since August 3, 2008 that I haven't though about Lily's heart and why it had to stop beating.  Sure, it's easy to say "you can't think about it that way with Coop" because a mommy's love and devotion defies logic when it concerns their child.  The panic settled in the moment he was rolled out of his room for the surgery.  I kept repeating to myself "please, God, protect his heart. Please, God, let it out beat my own. I cannot live without him."  Like I said, I over-think at times, but, I don't take a single day for granted and I notice the details that many don't so the over-thinking isn't always a negative!

I left the cardiologist's office repeating "Thank you, God!" over and over.  My heart beats with  thankfulness! 
The cardio office has a bunch of those fun house mirrors in the waiting room. This one was his favorite...

Shirtless and coloring while we wait for his echo..

He took my scarf and put it on. Maybe, he was cold, lol

I took him to get some froyo to celebrate!
You can't smile with a mouthful of froyo, yo!

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