Thursday, January 23, 2014

4 going on 44

The spurts of maturity and independence with Cooper are always so much fun to me.  There are days though where I'm like "slow the roll, kid" but he's so much fun! 

I always brag on Cooper and all of his hard work.  He's been in therapy since he was 6 months old with no time period since then where he wasn't in some sort of therapy.  He handles it all in stride and I wonder if he thinks that all kids have to work this hard?  He's spirit is truly one to be admired and he teaches me so much!  He does everything with a smile on his face...many adults I know could learn a thing or two from Coop!

Tuesdays are our long days.  He has speech at 10 am then has occupational therapy at 1 which means we have a 2 hour gap between therapies.  We go over to the hospital cafeteria and have lunch then we hang out in the awesome waiting room at his therapy place.  He never whines.  He just goes along with things and does everything that his therapists ask of him.  While waiting in the therapy room on Tuesday, he flipped through a home and gardens magazine with such interest.  Then, when we finally got home (we were gone from 9:15 am until 2:45 pm) he found a bible on our bookshelf and started "reading" from it.  I laughed and told him "well, aren't you 4 going on 44 today?"  I guess, he was way too mature for Pete the Cat on Tuesday.  Whatever makes him happy!

Just chilling, flipping through a home and gardens magazine...

lunch in the hospital cafeteria because that's a happening place. Not really and the food is not very good...

There is a tunnel that goes underground that leads you from the building where he does therapy to the hospital then you take an elevator to the hospital lobby.  These colored glass panes are right off the elevator leading into the hospital lobby. He likes to watch the cars go by through the colored's the small things in life! 

From the serious look on his face, I'm thinking that he's trying to make it through Leviticus. Good luck with that kiddo because I've never been able to do it! haha!

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