Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Positvity is the name of the game!

I know my last post sounded all momma bear (and, I am, lol) but I'm excited about some positive things that are happening, too!

I received an email and a call from the church that I emailed at the end of last week regarding Cooper attending the church preschool while we're in service.  I am thrilled (over the moon!) that the call went great and they're so excited to meet Cooper and help him assimilate into their preschool ministry.  They're going to assign him a buddy that will be with him every Sunday. This buddy will be one on one with Cooper and will help him navigate through his time in the room.  Cooper is a lovable kid and gets easily attached to adults so I'm sure this will work out lovely!  Oh, and they provide a gluten free snack to boot! 

I mentioned a backpack incident in my last post so I went to Target on Saturday and Cooper chose his new rolling backpack.  He was smitten with this monkey bag even though there were Cars and Spiderman options.  I'm not going to tell him what to pick so monkey it is!  He rolled it all the way from the front doors of his school to his room this morning.  He loves this bag!  It weighs exactly what his old backpack did but this is so much more manageable for him! 

I went to my first Autism support group meeting on Thursday night and came back so refreshed and empowered! There's something to be said about talking with folks that "get it".  They understand when I tell the story of Cooper flipping out in the hallway at school for the simple reason that he's not used to seeing his teacher's assistant outside of the classroom.  They're not only empathizing but actually have similar stories to tell.  I got to talk to other moms that are a little further down the road and how they cope emotionally on what I like to call our "AUTISTIC" days when every thing is going wrong.  I'll be going every month now!  I got some good contact info on an ABA therapist so I'm waiting for a call back.  I'm just excited anytime that I can learn new things to help Coop.  My life is devoted to helping him flourish!

So, positivity is the name of the game! 

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