Monday, January 6, 2014

My heart discussing Cooper's...

Cooper had his heart murmur fixed on December 17th and he has recovered fully. Well, in my non-medical/mommy opinion but we go back to the cardiologist on January 23rd for the opinion that really counts.  It was a pretty routine procedure and I swear he has more energy since having the PDA repaired. He's always been a very active kid but his setting is set on warp speed these days and he's just a blur of activity. 

I make all of this sound light-hearted but truth be told, this was the scariest day of my whole life.  This may be a simple procedure but my mommy heart felt like collapsing BUT that's not even an option.  It was a long morning (the days leading up to it were pure agony) and driving home afterwards was wonderful.  The doctor that did the procedure said every thing went textbook and we were driving home about 4 hours after he was done. 

He even ate dinner and a cupcake (gluten free, I need to add!) provided by friends for dinner that night.  He didn't miss a beat!  Super Cooper, indeedy!

Just chilling, waiting for things to happen

Just chilling, waiting to go home!


  1. he's amazing, and so are you and your hubby. <3

  2. He's a great kid. And that look on his dad's face speaks volumes.