Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our new routine!

5 days in to our 70 day stay and it looks like we have ourselves a pretty standard routine. Things start getting noisy around here at 7:30 and breakfast is served around 8-ish. Then we're put on our morning NST, which should take an hour but its more like and hour and a half to two hours...whatever, what else do I have going on :) In between all this is planning out your menu for the next 3 meals and the aide coming into to do your daily weight and get your vitals. Lunch is between 11:30 to 1:00 (today it came early and we have a ceaser chicken wrap with side salad, beef stew and strawberry shortcake). The only problem with the food other than lack of salt and pepper is portion size...hello! I'm pregnant and they give us the portion size for toddlers. A snack tray comes around in the morning and they tell you to stock up for the day...and my hubby has done a pretty good job with setting up snacks in my room so starvation is not in my future. Then, around 4 the nurse comes in to do the doppler for a minute or two. Dinner at 5 ish and then its pretty quiet until the new shift starts and the evening meds are given and our nightly NST is done at 9 until 11...then bed!

Boredom is good though! Boredom means that my uterus is behaving itself and Cooper is still safe and snuggly inside of mommy. My doc came in this morning and I was telling him that my mom has a premonition that Cooper will be here at the end of October which would put us around 31 weeks. Doc thinks that if need be then Cooper will be fine being delivered that early with only a minimal stay in the NICU. He says that normally babies born that early only have problems with weak eyes or asthma versus babies born at 24 weeks that may have problems with cerebral palsy and blindness.

Oh, yeah, another tidbit given to me by my doc: half the unit has the swine flu...


  1. oh geez Jen...what a comfort...not...when you say the swine flu are you talking about the nurses at the L & D unit? Besides that sounds like all is well. Glad to hear things are going well. :)

  2. Very comforting.... I have just placed you in "Protection" :) Pretty boring routine Mate but luckily there are ways beating it! I am praying for Cooper to enter this world perfect and healthy no matter what! Blessings and hugs!

  3. Wow. Sounds exciting?! But well worth it, right? Good for you. Hope hubby can sneak you in a big, fat, ole cheese burger one of these days!

  4. Hi... Sorry but ive been reading and reading and sooooo much of this hospital stay reminds me of my situation... sadly i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 20 wks just 5 weeks ago... after being in hospital for 7 weeks...... ill continue reading now....