Friday, September 11, 2009

We're here~ Day 1

We got here around 2:00 and so far I've done tons of admission paperwork, gone down for an ultrasound, had a steriod shot, and we just did a doppler session.

Dinner is served around 4:30 and tonight's menu is ham, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and veggies (Chuck can eat those!). I did check-in just in time to see Happy Tails which is a volunteer group that brings in dogs to see the patients, so I did get some lovin' from Annie, a very cute labrador retriever. Everyone is super nice from the nurses to the dietary staff.

I have a great view of the King and Queen buildings (anyone familiar with Atlanta knows what buildings I'm referring to) which is a relief because I was worried that I would get a room on the right side of the hallway and these rooms look onto another part of the hospital. A mural was painted on the side of the building to give those rooms something to look at.

One time a day for an hour I'll wear the uterine contraction belt and they will do this on the next shift. My stress level is actually much more contained since getting here because I feel a million times safer. My perinatalogist is one floor below the high-risk unit so he's just a few minutes away from being in my room.

It's September 11th and to be honest all of my thoughts have been self-centered today. My hubby and I did have a conversation about where we were 8 years ago today and how scary that day was for the whole world.

This blog will probably have a new post everyday. Don't be surprised if I'm just telling you what I ate today because there will be a lot of down time on my hands but I'm prayerful that we will be here for the entire 10 weeks because that means our little man will face better odds on the outside.


  1. Would love to hear about what you're eatin in the hospital. :) Glad you're there safe and sound.

  2. So glad you got moved in alright! Good luck!

  3. Glad you are settled in. You are in my thoughts.

  4. Sending thoughts and prayers your way Jen as well as for good hospital food. :)

  5. YEAH... you're all moved in. I was thinking of you today!!! I'm glad you got a great view and look forward to Cooper's updates. : )

  6. Oh Jen I honestly wish I could have popped in to say hello... everyday from now on. You are still in my thoughts and prayers 24/7. Don't worry about giving us all the detail of the menu! We don't mind at all because you are in our hearts all the time1 lots and lots of love and hugs! :)