Saturday, September 5, 2009


I was asked at my 17 week peri appointment if we would consider terminating the pregnancy with Cooper due to the risk that this pregnancy would endanger my life. My resounding answer was NO. Cooper's existence was of no fault of his own but faulty counting by his mommy and his daddy. I am willing to take whatever risk that I have to to get Cooper here safely even if it means that my life might be at risk. At no point would I ever be willing to quiet the heartbeat that I saw on his first ultrasound. I would be prayerful and faithful that the Lord would see us both through this journey.

And, now the tide peri told us yesterday that the placenta growing over the uterine scar is the best thing that could have happened to us. The placenta is acting as a bandaid and is keeping my uterus together through all the stretching. The placenta growing over the scar is the cause for the hysterectomy but I don't care about having my uterus if I have my one beautiful living child in my life everyday. And, plus my uterus needs to be punished for what it did to Lily (if you know me at all, you know that I'm joking with the last sentence!) We have left my peri's office with great news at both of our last two appointments. My uterus is completely stable and we have a perfectly healthy baby boy growing everyday. He now weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. and is very active. He moves and kicks like a quarterback. To see my peri looking less stressed and more positive is such a blessing.

Thank you to all the prayer warriors lifting up their prayers to the Lord on mine and Cooper's behalf...keep it up and miracles are bound to spring forth...


  1. I'm sooooo happy to hear that things are going well! I have been thinking about you as Sept. 11 gets closer!

  2. That is fantastic news Jen!!! I am so happy. I've been thinking about you because I know that you're headed for bedrest soon. Keep us posted. :)

  3. That is wonderful! About time you received some positive news. :)

  4. Halleluyah! My prayers have always been for a healthy FULL term baby! I am so happy! Lots of love!!!!! :) Don't even buy any preemie clothes anymore... :)