Saturday, May 29, 2010

Block party!

My hubby's company throws a block party (employee picnic thing) every year and last weekend was Cooper's first time attending with mommy and daddy. Well, last year he was there but snuggled up inside mommy! It was so much fun to push him around in his stroller and be like all the other families at the event. Before Lily we were upset because we couldn't get pregnant and then we did...and lost her so then we were angry at all the happy families...then we got pregnant again with Cooper but we were still sprinkled with anger because we still missed Lily and anxiety for our high-risk pregnancy. Too much thinking and too many emotions!

This year, we just wanted to take our little guy to a block party and eat mini-donuts and dipping dots until we couldn't see straight...mission accomplished!

Daddy and Cooper

Cooper is a huge DAWGS fan! Future alumni!

Cooper and mommy with a Blackhawk helicopter (funny story/video about this below!)

Cooper playing airplane with Daddy...he love this game!

Cooper and mommy with a mini-COOPER :) Corny, yes!

A little background story about the blackhawk helicopter before you watch this video (TURN OFF PLAYER BELOW). There were no more picnic tables available so about 30 of us were copping a squat (wow, never thought I'd actually use that sentence in a blog post!) in the parking lot with our plates. A few minutes after sitting down, the helicopter begins making an approach to land EXCEPT that it was landing in the wrong parking lot. The helicopter was landing about 50 yards from us and as it was landing the porta potties at the end of the parking lot caught the helicopter's downwash and started coming at the crowd seriously at like 15 mph...I jumped up (kinda hard for a pleasantly plump chick!) to get Cooper out of the way. Anyhow, my hubby caught some of the excitement on video :) No one was seriously hurt in the incident, I should add...


  1. LOL! Just one question - was there anybody IN the porta potties?!

  2. God question Beth! lmao. Your hubby would make a great reporter.

  3. I love seeing how much fun you are having with Cooper!! It give me so much hope for Beana...and I am sure that it does the same for others!!!

  4. The ending is so funny :) I always wonder what they are thinking when there is excitement and they just sit there taking it all in.

    Cute photos!