Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cooper's first flight!

Cooper flew for the first time to visit his grandparents in Pittsburgh and I thought I would share some pics of his first adventure...and, throw out a few tips to those who are considering taking an infant on a plane :) I asked for advice from facebook friends and got some really great tidbits that I thought I would pass along~

1. Bring your stroller so that you can go through the special needs line in security. They were very patient with us as we got all 3 of us through security and didn't treat me as a loser when I made the metal detector go off...

2. Formula or breastmilk are allowable liquids and all you have to do is disclose that you have them...it was much easier for me to prepare a few bottles and put them in his diaper bag than worrying about how I was going to feed him once I got there...

3. I checked his stroller right before going on the plane but got Cooper his own seat on the plane which was awesome because he slept the whole time and was ubber comfortable...

4. Have a bottle or paci ready for take off and landing so that they can suck and relieve ear pressure...one person suggested to me to give him tylenol but I chose to not go that route and he was perfectly fine!

5. This one is a special tip from me: Just because I know some people hate to sit next to a baby on a plane...I made friends with the people around us and introduced Cooper so that if he cried they would be more willing to be sympathic versus giving me a death glare or eye roll...worked wonders ;) Even had one dad tell me that Cooper helped him miss his kids less while he was on his trip!

The only bummer is that Cooper has a little cold now...I can't say for 100% that he got it from the flight up to Pittsburgh but it's a safe assumption since he got sick 2 days later :( He's feeling better now and I honestly can't think of any way that I could have safeguarded him from getting a cold as I'm ALWAYS extremly cautious...comes from being a mom to a preemie!
Cooper and mommy hanging out before take off

Cooper thinking of all the fun that he's going to have in Pittsburgh!

Cooper's party cake from his grandparents!


  1. Jen, thats great. It sounds like behaved real well *hugs*

  2. Woo Hoo! Thanks for the tips too :) Seems like yall handled it really well!

  3. Hi Jen! I am glad Cooper's flight went well! Sage had his first flight in March and goes on his second next week. He is a super good baby on the plane and I totally agree with all your tips..especially making friends with the people around you. I had one gentleman tell me all about his granddaughter all because my little guy reminded him of her.