Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Preemie playdate!

Cooper made a new friend today! I met Gretchen through the preemie board on and had the delightful opportunity to meet her and her precious baby boy in real life today! We both spent several weeks on hospital bedrest and delivered our preemies at the same hospital! Devin was born at 26 weeks and you can tell by the following pics that he has come a long way! We had some good laughs today just watching them play together...and, I know that I'm looking forward to many more playdates!

Cooper hanging out and giving his stroller fan "the eye"

Cooper sucking his hand and Devin chewing on Sophie

The boys doing a little tummy time ;)

This is just a sweet one!

Cooper and Devin meeting each other for the first time!


  1. Ok. I've never heard of a stroller fan. What a lucky kid!

    Are they about the same age?

  2. love these pictures! it was so much fun!