Sunday, May 23, 2010

We did it!

Meaning we went back to church today...and, Cooper had a great time in the nursery! I was very anxious and tearful as we drove to church but my fears were alleviated as the greeter/sign-in person was the cutest 80 something old gentleman :) He made jokes to ease my anxiety and it really did help me understand that all mommies and daddies feel this way with the first trip to the nursery.

The lady who was in his nursery was obviously used to neurotic mommies and made the saying bye process very easy...she didn't even give me the option of hanging around and making Cooper anxious! She basically said that it's much better to have quick byes and gave me a pager. I listed out how he takes naps, how he likes to be burped, what time he needed a nap and to be given a bottle...

And, that was that! The service was great and I feel so relieved having the first nursery experience over, maybe, I can work up the courage for a babysitter so my hubby and I can have a date night!

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