Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mickey's house!

We went to Disney World in October, actually we went on October 21st, got home on the 24th and Cooper was admitted into the hospital on the 26th that's why you're just hearing about it now, lol...I am so far behind in posts!

I am fully aware that Cooper will have zero memory of this trip but I will always have the memory of his smile when he say Mickey Mouse for the first time! We watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in our house...

Taking the tram...

To take the ferry to Mickey's house...

Yay! We're here!

Cooper and I on the tea cups! He had a blast and was actually the one turning the wheel, lol..

We're about to ride Dumbo!

Cooper on Daddy's shoulders watching Mickey's not so scary Halloween parade! It was SO MUCH FUN!


  1. Looks like fun! The ferry ride must have been really neat for him!

  2. So much fun! We stayed for the parade when we were there earlier this year, but I was so tired and sore still from the car crash that I got overheated and really sick (this was back in May). It looks like you all had a great time! When you were riding Dumbo, did you look out over where they're expanding FantasyLand with Beast's Castle?

  3. Fun, fun!! We're actually taking Asher to Disney in March so I'll have to get the list of "must-see" with a 2 year old from you!