Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Starry night...

I read why too many blogs and can't remember where I got this project (because I always like to give credit where credit is due) but we had a lot of fun with it in our house. I'm sure your toddler is just like mine in that a box is a wonderful and amazing object. Screw whatever came out of the box but the box is the bomb-diggity!

Basically, I just took a screw driver and punch several little holes and inserted Christmas lights in the top. It looks like stars are in the box when you plug them in! At first, I think he was hesitant because I messed up his perfect box but got into it when he crawled inside!


  1. Brilliant idea! I might have to do this for The Boy! I know The Girl would love it, too!!!

  2. that is a good idea! i actually just got a box big enough for something like this and i was wondering what i could do with it for ruby!