Saturday, November 26, 2011

Priscilla the Pink Pig!

We took Cooper to see Priscilla the Pink Pig at Macy's on Tuesday for the first time! I've heard of this pig since I moved to the Atlanta area but didn't care really because I didn't have a little wee one to take to ride her...BUT, now I have a very energetic and curious 2 year old who LOVED it!

The wait was a bit crazy because I took him during a week when school was out (duh!) but we had a lot of fun!

Yeah, this was as close as he wanted to get. We're skipping Santa this year...

Everything was pink in this room which was great for me because I love the color pink, lol...

Even we were pink!

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  1. Oh my. We didn't/haven't made it yet this year. Not sure if we're going to brave the mall area.