Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bathtub fun :)

Coop is at such a fun age and I just love introducing new things to him every chance that I get so I bought him a pack of bathtub crayons the other day and he loves them :) He's entering into that age of wanting and enjoying to color (not in the lines obviously!) so I knew that this would be an activity that would be right up his alley :)

I love this pic! He throughly enjoys making huge waves, too! Especially when he's able to drench mommy, too!

I'm guessing that Elmo is hungry? lol

Cooper is learning his colors and I asked him which crayon was red...

And, he knows how to write his name!...Yeah right, he's 2!


  1. Awesome - those are some great pics! Especially that first one! Bath time looks like so much fun :)

  2. Looks like fun! He looks so happy and big boyish in the first photo!

  3. I was tucking The Girl into bed last night and she spelled our last name. I was shocked because we haven't even thought to attempt such a thing. When I asked her how she learned that, she said she heard us spelling it for people at stores, and learned it that way. It's remarkable what they pick up.