Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's going to be rough!

It's going to be a rough allergy season! Monday the pollen count was 8100, Tuesday it was 9300 and today it's *only* 5200 (ha, I can't remember the exact numbers so I'm rounding up to the nearest hundred) so we're back to mainly indoor activities. I thought maybe I was being too overprotective (again) and talked to his pulmonologist and he says that the pollen count is dangerous to anyone at these levels but especially so to those with asthma. Luckily, there is some rain in the forecast so maybe we'll get a small reprieve...

I took this pic (one handed) of Cooper yesterday doing his nebulizer session. He does pulm.icort twice a day and last week he had to do albuterol every 4 hours for a nasty virus. We've been doing the twice daily treatments since last November so he's kinda used to them but having Mickey around certainly helps. His pulmonologist also put him on every day to get us through this season. I'm praying that we can get through these next several weeks of pollenocalypse without an asthma attack!


  1. I can't imagine having asthma as a kid :( I developed it from my allergies around age 18 and it is miserable! Luckily we've been having some "summer" thunderstorms almost every day that is helping the pollen count here but it's still nasty! The only thing that keeps my asthma under control is zyrtec everyday.
    Poor Cooper! Get on that pinterest and find some more fun things to do inside!! We've been doing a lot of pretend cooking and playing with race cars.
    We'll also be inside a lot this summer due to the heat so I feel ya on trying to find some fun things to do!

  2. I'm so sorry about having to do the treatments. He's a trooper, and you're great parents.

  3. poor coop! hope he keeps breathing easy through the season. hopefully your nebulizer lasts longer than ours...its dead after just over a year.

  4. Ugh. No fun. Thankfully our pollen counts aren't that high yet. R is allergic to albuterol so he has to have Xopenex and Pulmicort. Our insurance won't covet the Xopenex. Poo.

    Why don't we get together for some fun indoor activities while we wait out the pollenocalypse?!