Monday, March 12, 2012

This post brought to you by Insta.gram...

I love Insta.gram and use it pretty much every single day. I don't always have my camera with me but I always have my Iphone within arms reach (so sad, lol) so I snap pics of my sweet love all day long...

If you're my friend on then I'm sure you've seen all of these already!

Our house has been sick with one thing or another for about a week now. This was one of our quarantine days...Poor guy just wanted to go outside!

There were easier ways of getting to his blocks but he thought this was the best way, lol...

Mickey socks! Cooper loves Mickey!

I brought out his St.Patty's shirt from last year and it still fits! I bought him a new one for this year but it's not nearly as cute as this one! Cooper has started this reading thing where he'll pick up a book and start telling me a story. The story doesn't make much sense because of his Apraxia but hey, he's trying!

Daddy got Cooper some St.Patty's cupcakes and he's throughly enjoying them...seriously, they're not worth the clean up but he's sick and this cupcake was all I was able to get him to eat yesterday so whatever!

At our favorite breakfast place...He ordered his usual which is dinosaur eggs and a blueberry crunchcake!


  1. Love these - that shirt and those mickey socks are great! And I love how in the cupcake pics how he's fully dressed in the one where he hasn't eaten it yet, but is bare chested in the pic where he has made a mess of the cupcake!

  2. That is an amazing St. Patrick's Day shirt. I want one! I hope you all get to feeling better. I've been plaguing for almost a full week now. Ugh.