Thursday, March 29, 2012


Monday was my birthday and it was pretty much a business as usual kind of day (until daddy got home and then the spoiling of mommy recommenced, lol). We did meet some friends at a park with CFA and played for a bit since the pollen count has come down dramatically! One of my friends brought some birthday petit fors from Pub.lix which were really tastey and I recommend them if you haven't gotten your hands on one yet!

Cooper has my sweet tooth and loved them just as much as mommy! Well, maybe, he loved them a little more because I took my eyes off of him for like a minute (to send a text, ha, I'm a horrible mom!) and he took a bite out of each one in the box...there were 3 flavors so I guess he was being the taste tester, lol...

Coop enjoying the cake :)


  1. I have the worst sweet tooth. Seriously. Sounds like a nice birthday time in the park!

  2. Mmm...cake...mmm...petit fors. did I miss that little fact about Monday? Happy Birthday, Jen!!!