Sunday, March 4, 2012

A weekend indoors...

OY VEY, Coop has been sick all weekend long. Yesterday, he had (still does) a horrible cough (I think it's allergies) so we hunkered down with our Albuterol and made the best of a Saturday indoors. Then at 3 am this morning, we woke up to a pitiful Cooper in his crib surronded by puke. Did I mention that I served him pizza for dinner last night. Oh, dear Jesus, it was horrible. And, did I mention that today is my wedding anniversary? It's been a crazy weekend but being a parent is going from one adventure to another!

To entertain ourselves yesterday, we played with some beans...

Some puzzles...

and, created a masterpiece :)

Luckily, our sick days have been on windy and coldish days so we haven't missed any outdoor fun :)


  1. I really hope he feels better soon. Happy anniversary.

  2. Poor Coop - but it looks like you might have helped him keep his mind off of it! We've definitely had the pizza before throw up with Ruby too! Happy Anniversary! I forgot how close our anniversary's are - ours is next weekend.