Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Paddy's Day!

How did I forget to post the few pics from our St. Paddy's day frolicking?!?

Coop's leprechaun milk, lol...

This was the first time that Cooper has eaten a sugary cereal but here he is snacking on Lucky Charms...needless to say, he loved them!

This is funny because I was talking to him about leprechauns and we were on a hunt for one...obviously by the look on his face, he took the hunt very seriously!

Also, that shirt is from last year's St. Paddy's day celebration and he still fit into it!


  1. Love that shirt and his face! I totally fell short on the green breakfast stuff this year, but I know Mackenzie would love some lucky charms too (but really, who doesn't love sugary cereal with marshmellows for breakfast?!?!)

  2. Now I want some leprechaun milk.