Tuesday, May 1, 2012

30 months old!

Or, as a (non-mommy) friend of mine told me today, Cooper is 2 and half years old today!

Cooper is doing awesome these days and is so, so close to be an independent walker!  He walks all over the house these days and loves being out of the stroller to explore!  My heart is so proud because this independence for him (and, my back) has been a long time in coming! 

Cooper burrito :)


  1. I keep forgetting SuperCooper is so close to my boy's age; only 3.5 months. Independent walking is a huge step. And then they hold your hand because they want to, not because they need to. And it just melts you.

  2. He is getting so big! I remember him just so little when I first met you at MOPS! I don't know why - it always surprises me when other people's kids grow so stinkin' fast when mine didn't do the same darn thing!!!