Thursday, May 24, 2012

Block Party!

My hubby's company had their annual block party last Saturday and we all had a wonderful time.  My sis and her girls came up for the weekend so they came with us.  It was a weekend of first for the kids and they now want to come every year...

I'm still getting used to this sight :)  He just walks and walks these days!  So proud!

Cooper's first sucker...he threw it away a few seconds after this pic.  I don't think he liked that it was so hard!  2 year olds don't have the patience to lick/suck their way to the tootsie roll center...

He loved this game!

"Hi mommy!"

He really, really wanted to go inside this airplane!  It's retired in the museum but that didn't matter to him, lol...

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  1. That is a really awesome looking plane.