Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Once upon a time...

there lived a little boy that loved goats.  It drove his mommy crazy because it took forever to get him out of the petting zoo!  

This poor goat's name is Sage and according to the young lady that was working at the petting zoo, "Sage is really, really old".  I'm sure Sage loved Cooper's obsession in some sort of animal way...He loves her!

I don't know what these other goat's names are, lol...just nameless victims of Cooper's goat love...(I was going to say "fetish" but is that inappropriate when the subject matter is a 2 year old and goats?)

I feel I need to tell all of you that the clothes that he's wearing were changed immediately...He's 2 and I still carry a change of outfit, these clothes are normally used in diaper emegencies, but that dat they were used in a goat germ emergency ;)


  1. That is just too cute!! I Don't think LB would get close enough to goats to touch, let alone hug and manhandle! ;)

  2. Every time we go to the zoo, I bring a change for both kids, and she's about to be 5.

  3. I love kids sweet on animals - so cute! So funny you changed his clothes!

  4. I giggled at goat fetish. I love, love, love how much he loves them, though. There is something great about a man who loves animals!!! Tender heart!